Friday, October 10, 2014

Start to Finish 3 - Days 3 & 4

Day 3 - A Simple Still Life

 The challenge...

A simple subject ….. clean composition……and one still life photo.

Day 4 - It's the Little Things

The Spark....a plant in a paper sack

This lesson caused me some headaches.....first of all was finding a bag ! My first attempt was with a paper bag from Cracker Barrel that I happened to have, but I was not happy with any of the photos, and threw the bag away ! So I went to the store and bought a packet of paper lunch sacks.....FIFTY of them....and tried a different subject...( I have 49 paper sacks )

Have a wonderful weekend, 
Caz xo


  1. I so love these Caz, beauty in a paperbag.

  2. Sooooo beautiful Caz! Lovely shades of cream and soft the delicate colors, and the collage.

  3. I love the results of your "paper bag challenge"! They all are so lovely!

  4. You have done some wonderful work with this paper bag. Hard to choose a favorite.

  5. These are so very pretty, Caz. All those delicate pastels and that dreamy hydrangea (I'm guessing). Beautiful images. All the best for a very merry Christmas, Bonny