Sunday, March 9, 2014

Beyond Beyond, a class with Kim Klassen, Day 37

I am taking 2 classes with Kim Klassen this year.  She offered both Beyond Layers and Beyond Beyond as a combo, and I was gifted the classes by my husband for Christmas. Such a useful gift !  Beyond Beyond ( or 2B as it is more commonly known ) is still ongoing, so I dove into this class first at the most current point. There are only a few more classes, and then I will start at lesson 1 and then Beyond Layers.

Soooooo I am going to add the lessons I have done so far, starting at Lesson 37 where Kim provided us with a beautiful Vines and Lines Brush pack.  She then invited us to use the brushes in any way we liked. This is what I came up with........


  1. This is so delicate and pretty Caz! Very creative too! You could make a whole line of cards. I love that this one is an invitation to afternoon tea! Yes, please. :-) xx

    1. Thank you Beverly :) As a Brit, I'm very partial to afternoon tea...cucumber sandwiches, tiny scones with strawberry jam and cream......mmmm ! You would be more than welcome anytime :) xoxo