Wednesday, April 30, 2014

S2F2 Day 3

S2F2 Day 3

The lesson for today was a start to finish shoot, showing how Kim culled the shots and then edited them.  I learned a few tricks in LR that were super helpful.....using the N key to enter survey mode, G for grid, P for Pick, and how to flag the final photos,  among many others.  These are the two final photos after editing.  

Photo One
1 layer of kk_venice @ 76% soft light
1 layer of kk_cora @ 74% multiply
Brush by Kim


Photo Two
 1 layer of kk_cora @ 67% soft light
1 layer of kk_cora @ 50% soft light

Start to Finish Round 2 continues to be a lot of fun, fueling a lot creativity, and providing some wonderful photos from my classmates .

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  1. Caz, These are gorgeous! Our peony blossoms just opened today, so I've been out on the front porch trying these shots, too! Your versions are so vintage looking - lovely! That soft cream color is perfect.