Saturday, February 22, 2014

Frugal Still Life Photography – Week 7

This week the challenge was to shoot jewelry, which meant using a large aperture to make sure everything was in focus. 

Cheryl at   also gave several suggestions for backgrounds, so I dragged out my black velvet skirt as my background, but then decided to use a more modern background.....a patio cushion with a cute bird motif, which I felt suited my item of jewelry better. What do you think ? I liked the fresh color.



  1. Oh, I like this! It's contemporary and clean and crisp. I played with some photos this afternoon, but don't think I have time to post…. this course is going too fast, no?

  2. Oh I agree Caz, I like the fresh color too! We sure need some of that fresh color with this winter we've had. LOVELY!