Sunday, March 9, 2014

Beyond Beyond Day 46

Day 46 A Triptych Challenge

I really enjoyed this lesson about making a triptych ( with a template by Kim ) in Lightroom, and then taking it to PSE or PS to make a faint "stroke" around it so that it would stand out on a white background....very useful if your blog background is white ! We could either use three separate photos, or do as Kim showed us and use one photo cropped three ways. I chose the latter and loved the result.

Mmmm, delicious !


  1. This lesson was so fun and the template is so easy to use! I love your cocoa and chocolate treats!

    1. Thanks Beverly, the photo was taken on vacation in NH last year . We stayed with friends in Walpole, where Burdicks have a restaurant and chocolate shop. The hot chocolate was really rich and we really didn't need that cake as well !!