Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Texture Tuesday ~ From Above

I have a beautiful bunch of white tulips, but they are the most unruly tulips ever ! I think the flower heads are a bit too heavy for the stems, because no matter what I do, which vase I put them in, how much I cut the stems, they INSIST on  going in a horizontal direction.  I do love that they do their own thing though :)  So I'm claiming the first 2 photos as taken "from above" !

The following photos are all textured with kk_plaster squared, soft light at varying degrees.

Perfectly beautiful

So beautiful, so pure

So Unruly !

Love how silky the petals are .....

Thank you so much for visiting, I appreciate it :)


  1. These are gorgeous in white…love the macros shots and the triptych is fabulous!

  2. So lovely! I love the DOF in the second image. I am seeing a lot of white tulips lately. Maybe I need to go buy some....

    1. Thanks Michelle ! Tulips are definitely a photographers friend ....;))

  3. Beautiful. Some of them look like soft ice cream i a cone. Wonderful.

  4. I LOVE white tulips....actually, I love all tulips, and I know what you mean about their unruly behavior! Your images are fabulous.