Monday, April 28, 2014

S2F2/Texture Tuesday

I'm joining in with a new class by Kim Klassen..... Start to Finish 2, great fun. The first day, Kim encouraged us to write down our intentions for the class.  

Day 1

Day 2- Finding the Light

The exercise today was to take photos at various times of day in different parts of our homes.

The first photos were taken by the  north facing window in my breakfast room, with the light coming from the right of the photo. I used kk_sylvia ( correction...sybil ) at 50% soft light on these ones. I used my Canon 40mm f/2.8 which is my new love :)

This second set was taken on the high kitchen counter which faces into the living area. I have lots of windows in this part of the house, which faces west, but the light is still darker here.

Lastly, I went upstairs to my office ( which I would love to turn into a studio so I could have my props displayed instead of them all being shoved in various closets....! ) The window here faces almost south. I used two layers of kk_justatouch1, one at soft light, one at color burn, both 50% on the last photo.

Upon reflection, maybe I should have used a reflector to bounce the light back.....but it was an interesting exercise ! I love my new bowl ( I bought 2 ) and lovely napkin which I found at Pier 1 yesterday. Then I found the chopsticks in one of my prop boxes which were sent to me from a friend in Singapore....perfect !

Sharing with Texture Tuesday - Free and Easy Edition

I have to apologize for not replying to some of the lovely comments on my last post.  I could only reply to the first few comments for some reason :(  The reply button does not work and despite a lot of searching for answers, I still cannot figure out a solution.  So thank you all very much for commenting, I truly appreciate it :)



  1. You found some great light! Beautiful still life!

  2. Love seeing your light Cas, and your new bowl both are beauties. Love the light you got upstairs and especially the last one for sure and the clarity of the water and shadows.

  3. I love your top photo and your intentions. Your did a great job finding your light. It was interesting seeing the different qualities of light in each room.

  4. Oh Caz, these are all beautiful! Now I regret I didn't sign up for S2F2, but in a few weeks I'll join Kim's BS52.

  5. Caz, you did a wonderful job on this exercise. Your shots are beautiful. DeAnne

  6. I'm loving this series! I especially love that first shot!

  7. Oh, you did a great job, Caz, your photos are so lovely !
    What a pretty bowl you've found !
    I noticed you used Kim's texture 'sylvia' ... I can't remember having it, is it a new or older one ?
    Nice week,

  8. Perfect is a great way to describe it, Caz! You've definitely found the perfect light - there are all wonderful and I love your props!

  9. Love these light studies! Makes me wish I was taking the S2F class but I'm saving up for the BeStill52 class:(

  10. Beautiful! The light is gorgeous!
    Very nice pictures!
    Can I follow you over GFC?
    Best, Brigitte ♥

  11. Wonderful. You have really captured the light. Great photos.

  12. beautiful photos and I love the idea of having a prop box

  13. love seeing all the different light possibilities... wonderful work... beautiful bowl...and linens... well done my friend. xo