Monday, August 18, 2014

Texture Tuesday 8/19/14

Hi everyone  !  I've had a busy few days with appointments and tests being done. I met with my surgeon last Thursday and he wants to operate before deciding if I will need chemo.  So my surgery date is this Thursday 21st at 7:30AM. I'm thankful to be getting it done so quickly, although I'm obviously not looking forward to it. I'll be in the hospital for a few days, hopefully home on Sunday.  

I haven't been taking many photos for the past couple of weeks, so looked in my library and found this one.  I used Kim's new "lightly" preset and then added a layer of kk_awaken at soft light 62%.  I love the quote :))


I'll be back soon !
love Caz xo


  1. Such a lovely photo. I haven't been doing my normal photos for the memes that I usually participate in with Summer and so much outdoor time. Prayers that all goes well with your surgery. :)

  2. Caz my thoughts will be with you . I love your edits so so pretty..

  3. So very lovely, Caz, and a great quote ... love the tiny heart !
    Wishing you all the best ... sending my positive thoughts ...

  4. This is so sweet Caz! Love the quote and the little details you've added with the heart, and the faint photo on the table. Sending thoughts and prayers your way...praying for the best for you this Thursday! xx

  5. Oh, such a lovely photo. Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way!

  6. So pretty and a lovely quote. Wishing you the best - take care.

    1. I love the rose with a little color and the background somewhat desaturated. It creates more interest.

  7. You've been on my mind all week. Praying for an easy day tomorrow and no further treatment, Amen! Lovely processing by the way.

  8. you will be in my prayers as well, caz! i also wanted to thank you for dropping over and praying for my nephew. knowing we have others praying is so very encouraging to our hearts! this is such a sweet image ... you did beautiful job with the processing, and i love the quote too! blessings to you! xx