Thursday, October 23, 2014

Catching Up

My son Ian and his wife Emily surprised me on Tuesday last week ! The doorbell rang and there they were...I couldn't speak for laughing and crying at the same time.  They flew over from the UK and stayed for a week ( which is why I haven't been around much ! ) We had the BEST time, I'm still smiling.  My hubby had known about this secret since August, when I had my surgery.  He did a great job in keeping me 

So now to catch up on BeStill52 and S2F3.........

Be Still 52 Week 22 - Change Things Up

I don't very often have the chance to photograph people, and especially people I know ! So I volunteered my lovely daughter in law to pose for me.  I've always wanted to take a photo of someone holding an apple for some reason, so here is my version.....

S2F3 Day 4 - It's the Little Things

Using a paper bag as a holder for a plant, flowers , anything. This was fun, once I had gone to the store and purchased 50 brown paper lunch bags !

S2F3 Day 7 - Nature's Beauty

Using a fruit or veggie and props.

S2F3 Day 8 - On Chairs


  1. Caz, I love stopping by here! I am so happy for you that your son and daughter-in-law surprised you with a visit - goes to show how much you mean to them - lotta love there! Seeing all of your photos for Kim's assignments makes me smile - not just because your photography is beautiful, but because you showed up and did the work - and honestly, how can we improve if we don't practice? Every picture is beautiful, but those red berries on the edge of the white chair - truly glorious.

  2. I need to catch up also, as I have been away visiting family. I have a ton of images to go through from that trip and also catch up with s2f3 and Be Still. Ugh. I haven't done the chairs on but I so love your perspective with this, really gorgeous and I may have to steal that from you. Really love so much. Have a wonderful weekend.