Saturday, June 7, 2014

Poland photos part 1

I am finally getting into my photos from my trip to Poland. It's hard to narrow them down. These collages are all from the first day when I went a bit crazy with the camera ! These are all taken in and around the Main Square in Krakow. It's a really beautiful city, with wonderful architecture and flowers everywhere.

The Silk Market in the center of the square

 The lower photo is one end of the Silk Market

 Views of St Mary's Basilica while enjoying coffee ( and a yummy cream slice ! )

 Beautiful stained glass windows in a church off the square.

 The horses wear special shoes to protect their hooves from the cobbles. They are also not allowed to be taken out when the weather is above a certain temperature, I think in the 80's F.

Top left is the original gate into the city, top right another view of the Silk Market. Bottom pic a view of one half of the main square. There is a museum under the square and the pyramid in the center of the fountain allows light into part of it.
More to follow !


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