Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Texture Tuesday 9/914


I have some great news.....I saw the oncologist today, he was wonderful and he told me that my cancer was stage 2 and that he didn't think it necessary for me to have any chemo treatment as it hadn't spread to any lymph nodes !  Such a relief for us , as you can imagine.  I will have to have check ups every three months for 3 years and then 6 monthly for another two years, but that's rather reassuring to me . I am going to get some genetic testing done however, as there is a chance that it may be hereditary. I'm feeling better every day, all my bruises and scars are fading, and I just have to get rid of this tiredness now.   Thank you all so much for your support, prayers and caring during the past few weeks, you're the best :))

I had some fun with some Mexican Heather and a lovely book this week.  I used kk_just a touch2 on all photos, mostly at multiply, after adding various presets in LR5.   A couple were layered at soft light, varying opacities.


  1. Wow, so glad the news was good, I have been wondering if you heard. I know the wait must have been terrible. Oh man so good Caz. Your work here is so awesome, each and every one is just so special and stunning. Awesome Awesome as much as the news.

  2. Oh what great news Caz!! I'm so happy to hear you do not have to have more treatments. I'm drinking in the delicate beauty of your work on the Mexican Heather!! Stunning and so soft and delicate. The collage is so beautiful. Have a wonderful week!! xx

  3. So happy for you that the news is good! I love what you did with the Mexican Heather - wow so delicate and the multiply mode is amazing here! Beauty!

  4. Can see the joy you are feeling in the beautiful pictures So happy for the good news. Liked the quote.

  5. I am so happy for you! I'm sure a great load has been lifted. I love what you did with the Mexican Heather. Can't decide, so I won't try to pick a favorite. All are beautiful.

  6. So happy Caz a great load must be lifted. And your images are stunning.

  7. so good to hear such wonderful news, caz!! and your images are just too lovely for words! the tones are incredible and i love the collage you put together as well! have to say though ... that quote IS perfect! you have a restful and blessed week! :)

  8. So pleased you had good news. These images are gorgeous, love the 'looking down' perspective especially.

  9. Indeed great news, Caz, I'm so happy for you !
    The Mexican Heather is so pretty and you've captured it so beautifully !
    Lovely tones and the book looks interesting too !
    Have a nice week,

  10. Oh wow! These are stunning! Love love love! Did I say love? I'm so thrilled that you got such good news. Doing the happy dance!

  11. favorite color and image today from Texture Tuesday... totally loveliness..


  12. Your photos have such a beautiful dreamy quality - they are amazing.
    First time I'm visiting your blog, and I was glad to read those first few sentences. Cancer is such a devil, and it's wonderful that it seems to turn out not to be quite a frightening for you. I wish you all the best in your recovery (that tiredness!).

    1. Thanks so much Carola :) Yes, it is a devil, this was my third encounter with it too......but I'm staying strong and staying positive :)