Monday, March 9, 2015

How Ironic !

Hi everyone :) 

This is a rather random mix of ramblings and photos today. Firstly, thank you so much for all your well wishes , I am finally starting to feel a bit more like myself...yay ! 

Secondly........and this is where the title of today's post comes in ! The other day I came out of my bedroom and noticed shadows on the door as the sun was shining directly through a window across the room.  Hmmm, I thought, that looks rather "arty", so I snapped a quick pic with my phone, posted it on Flickr, and it made it into Explore ! It now has the most "faves" of any of my photos !  But I can spend hours on a still life, culling, editing, etc  I don't really set much store by Explore, it's very random and doesn't really mean anything as far as I know.  But it did make me smile !

Thirdly....I deleted Pinterest from  my iPhone and iPad (GASP !)........I was wasting SO much time going down rabbit holes.......:(  

Be Still 52 Week 39. A Breath of Fresh Air

The Studio Online March 2nd Prompt - Stacked

This was a fun prompt, with so many different variations ! 

Lemon Tea

I love this little bone china mug, found at TJ Maxx. 

I'll leave you with a triptych I made in LR5 of some cherry blossom branches I found at Pier1 and now I'm off to see if I can find some real Spring flowers !
Have a great week, 
Caz xo


  1. Congrats on having your photo make it to Explore! It is so hard to figure out some days isn't it? Exactly like you say ... we can spend hours on a shoot and come away with nothing ... and then it takes a few minutes for one to go viral! It's a great, moody, interesting shot, Caz. Goodness, your jars are gorgeous, as are all your stacked images - you're on fire! :)

  2. Caz, I am so relieved to hear that you are beginning to feel better - and clearly, the spring is back in your step and in your pictures! Congratulations on your photo being selected for Explore. Isn't that just the way? We work so hard on a carefully staged still life image and then the picture we just snapped is the best. I think that the still life work sets us up for success. It teaches us to find the light, to recognize an artful composition when we see it, and how to take full advantage of point of view. So when you saw those beautiful shadows - creating their own picture - you were ready! Love to see all of your work in response to the prompts, too. Those little stacked cookies are my favorite! Of course, I'm always in line for cookies!

  3. Oh, gosh! Congratulations on Explore Caz!! And so good to hear you are feeling much, much better! The breath of fresh air images are the softness and texture. The stacked cups on the scale are a favorite...the black background is perfect behind it. So much beauty here! Have a wonderful week!!

  4. Love the title and yes it is the ones we least expect that seem to speak to everyone. I think Kim and Xanthe were talking about that on the last connect. So true. Congrats on the Explore. It is a wonderful image. I have been seeing a lot of blogs with shadows and I wanted to practice with some but haven't come up with anything I like. It is good to keep in mind though. I adore your images today from each prompt. I would have never guessed those branches weren't real. The light and airy oh my, gorgeous and the stacked cups and saucers on the scale is just spot on. Also so glad you are feeling better. Take care

  5. Congratulations on Explore! It is a great image. I agree with you that it seems the images we least expect sometimes get the most attention. So many beautiful images. I love the pop of color with your bottle images and your tea cups stacked on the scale are my favorite. I am glad you are feeling better. :)

  6. Wonderful. Fantastic series of photos. I really like your shadow photo. I do not know where to start with the others. They are all great. I am partial to the stacked cookies . . . with the partially eaten one.

  7. great photos...each one telling such a story...and its that just the case...a random shot...but because you have such a great eye, you immediately noticed its value! congrats on Explore!

  8. Well, if these photos are any indication you are feeling well indeed! So lovely, each one of them, Caz! And isn't it always that way? The photos people like best are the ones that are just sort of quick surprises. Congrats on Explore!

  9. Fantastic photos, dear Caz! I'm owerhelmed by the beauty of each one of your images! And I'm happy you feel much better!
    Congratulations to the Explore of your shadow picture.
    Greetings Esther

  10. These are all such cheerful images. You have a gift for whimsy, I think. Like the partly eaten cookie and the china cups on the scale. My favorites are the breath of fresh air photos with all the bottles. Glad you are feeling better!

  11. Such a lovely series of wonderful pictures Caz!
    I would choose first your beautiful china mug with the lemons in the background, such vibrant colors and a perfect DOF... but I love also your pictures vith your lovely bottles and the gerbera... because I love also white pictures and these two are so well composed... but I must say that I love your picture with the cookies and a sweet asian mood with the cherry blossom in the background... You were really inspired Caz!

  12. Congrats on Explore! One of my friends told me you need to be posting to Flickr daily to get a chance. I love shadows. I notice them everywhere now, and your is awesome. I LOVE your bottle shots. That background is so perfect the way it turned out too. Your 'black and white' is stunning and if you ever find that scale missing you may as well call me to see if I'll return it.

  13. Just Beautiful. I love your shadows and your light your captured. Do do some very gorgeous work.

  14. Congrats on the Explore. I sure dont understand how that all works. So awesome.

  15. The capture of the shadows is really beautiful, congratulations on the Explore!
    Your stacked with the photography-books is really inspiring - I recognize Susan Tuttle's book, and am thinking about getting it - What do you like most snout in her book, Caz?
    Happy weekend to you,

    1. Hi Nina, I like how clearly the book is written and also how she encourages you to get out and go for photo walks. If you can find the book for a good price, I recommend it :)

  16. So good to hear you're feeling better, Caz !
    All images are wonderful ... and congrats on Explore !
    Have a nice weekend,