Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Finds and other things......

Hi everyone, I've been so busy the past week, helping my hubby get our house into shape prior to putting it on the market. ( as well as a visit to the dentist...I broke a tooth ... ) We spent one entire day power washing our patio, the front door frame has been painted and the porch power washed.  A few little jobs inside the house have been done and the worst job has been saved for out the garage....ugh....wish me luck ! Please think of us this weekend !

I did carve out some time for photography however :)  

Blossoms in the dentist parking lot .

More blossoms in the Post Office parking lot !

On Wednesday afternoon, I persuaded my hubby to go to Ikea with me ( his first time ever ! ).  I thought he would hate it, but he loved it ! Wow, that was a surprise !  Just as we were leaving with our (many) treasures, I spotted the plants and found a sweet little succulent for a bargain price. I couldn't resist, having seen them in many photos. Mine has a little shoot with a flower and another one hiding under the leaves.  This may be the start of a collection !        ( maybe I should wait until we have sold our house, found a new one and actually moved into it ?? )

Be Still 52 Week 40 and 41

MAKE & TAKE : Decide on something you can make to include in your still life photos.

I made some cute bunny bunting ( template found here  )  and also some tiny triangular bunting.  The pink checked tea towel was also one of my finds at Ikea.





The Studio Online 
Week of March 9th  - Stacked , continued .

Wishing you all a very happy first weekend of Spring !
Caz xo


  1. Hi Caz, sorry to hear you broke a tooth - aaackkk - hope its all fixed now! You have amazing blossoms all around you - just gorgeous and I love your new baby succulent - they make fabulous props! Wonderful images all!

  2. I think our previous house was the cleanest right before we put it on the market! So many beautiful blossoms. Spring is in the air for you, I have a few more weeks yet... Love the tiny bunting, it looks so cute with the tiny succulent. And the white plates with the babies breath is gorgeous.

    1. It's funny isn't it ? I'm worn Thank you Michelle :)

  3. oh the tree blossoms are so beautiful, with the blue sky in the background!! You must really be enjoying this sight!! The bunny bunting is adorable, as is the tiny flag, on the succulents! I'll be thinking of you as you get your house ready to list! We are staying where we are for a few more years. I love your white china with the basket weave edge!! Have a really nice weekend Caz!

  4. Oh those blossoms are wonderful, such a wonderful time of year, just wished my allergies would agree. So much going on with you in the selling of your home, such a chore getting everything prepared and then letting go of your home for others to see. I remember that and the stress but I tried to keep in mind the end result would be worth it. And then to have a broken tooth, goodness what a week for you. I love your make and takes of the cute bunny tails and those shacked images are so good Caz. Hope you have a more peaceful week.

  5. Spring has truly arrived for you!! How gorgeous! Love the bunny bunting as well as your varying edits on the succulent. Hope your cleaning projects go well--they are always so painful in the process but worthwhile in the end!!

  6. Jealous here! Your spring blossoms are gorgeous! Love the pink buds and clear blue sky!

    1. Thank you ! I hope your blossoms will appear very soon !

  7. Caz, I've been thinking of you - and all the work that goes into a move! Only a girl with a love for pictures would make time at the dentist to snap pictures of blossoms - and so glad you did! Breathtaking views of spring! Love your Easter header and adorable bunny garland. Looks like we are all in love with succulents - and your images from above highlight the sculpture like quality of this little plant. Thank you for sharing!