Thursday, March 27, 2014

Beyond Beyond Day 49

Day 49 Make it Yours - An Editing Challenge

In this lesson Kim provided us with a gorgeous tulip photo, and showed us how she edited it, then asked us to make our own edit.  So much fun !  I made a few adjustments in LR5, went over to PSE and added the kk_simple texture at a low opacity. Then I spent AGES trying to decide whether to add text, a brush, or nothing.........couldn't decide, and went to bed !  This morning I came back to it and made the final decision......what do you think ? 

I've noticed that photos I bring into my blog are darker ? Is there something I should be doing ? Any help appreciated,  Thank you :)

PS. I found out that Google+ automatically "enhances" photos. So I have changed my settings :
Click on Home > Settings.
Scroll to the "Auto Enhance" section.
Uncheck "Automatically enhance new photos"

I will have to see if this works for my next post......


  1. excellent quote! you made it your own! coming over from 2B

  2. Very, very pretty! The quote and words fit beautifully with the soft, dreamy processing Caz! It's is "you". It seems Barb Brookbank mentioned something on her blog about the darker photos.

  3. Lovely edit, Caz !
    Beautiful quote and word art !
    The photos on my blog are also darker, I love them on Flickr ... much better !
    Nice evening,

  4. soooo creative!!! really lovely sweet Caz... xo

  5. beautiful edit, love all the word art used on this.