Thursday, April 3, 2014

Beyond Layers

I'm slowly working my way through Beyond Layers AND Beyond Beyond and have just signed up for the new Start to Finish, which starts on April 22nd !  I will have enough lessons to keep me going for quite a !

So I'm going to add a few photos to this post instead of posting individually......

Day 6 - Let's Make a Storyboard.
This was great fun and could be quite many layouts , so many choices !

Bonus lesson . We were given an overlay and a couple of textures to use on any photo.

Day 8 - Start to Finish . Using gradient map adjustments and discovering how the location of your set up can affect the eventual outcome. The aim was to create a vintage effect. The old photo is of my Mum and myself ! Gosh, that's dating us, isn't it ? Lol

Day 10 - A Painterly Effect
We were given a photo of an old barn to work on. I followed the instructions pretty much 100% on this one. There were a LOT of steps !

Day 12 - Brush Lovin'
Kim gave us a lovely set of brushes to play with. Fun ! I love them !

So that's as far as I have come in this course....lots more lessons to go ! I feel as if I'm a kid in a 


  1. You are amazing working through several lessons!! Beautiful photos and processing on each one. The vintage one with you and your Mum is so sweet!

    1. Thanks Beverly, sorry for the late reply, I was sure I had replied already ! Gosh I must be getting old and forgetful !

  2. You did a great job, Caz !
    Such a lovely storyboard, love the soft colors ... the photo with the vintage effect is wonderful,
    all so beautifully done !
    Have a nice Sunday,

    1. Thanks so much Sylvia ! So sorry for the late reply ! As I said to Beverly, I was sure I had already replied !