Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Be Still Week 45 & More

Be Still Week 45 - A Nature Walk

This past week we have had a LOT of rain, so a walk was almost impossible....!  I had seen a shrub along the road on the way to the store that I knew would be lovely in photos, so I armed myself with my little snips next time we went out   
( even though it was pouring ! ) Anyhow, I jumped out of the car and very quickly snipped a few little branches and got back in the car as quickly as I could ! Back at home , after drying off, I had some fun with my treasure......all photos processed with kk_today preset. 

The lace curtain ( which is just held in place by stuffing it between the blinds) is one of a pair, actually I bought 2 pairs,  from Ikea. I love them and hope to use them  in the room I'm going to commandeer as my "studio", when we move house "wink"

( We had two showings today, fingers crossed we will hear some good news tomorrow ! )

I have also been taking photos of other flowers whenever I could between the rain showers.

I took this photo of my gorgeous pink azalea through an open window just after the rain had stopped.....

Have a great week !
Caz xo


  1. Wow, Caz! gorgeous images and what a find! I adore that macro (third from the bottom) stunning, really.

  2. OHHH love your lace curtains, makes the spring blooms look like a breath of Spring. Love your little flowers on top of the scissors. And well you know how much I love flowers and these are all wonderful.

  3. It was raining when I wanted to do my 'nature walk' too. You were braver than me, you actually went out. :) The blossoms look beautiful in front of the lace curtain. The vivid colors of the tulips stand out in front of the dark green grass. The pale rose is pretty too. My favorite is the 'from above' point of view with the little white blossoms in the blue jar, love it.