Monday, June 29, 2015

I'm Back !

Hello friends !  I'm finally in a place where I have some free time....moving house is definitely a hectic time.  We still have boxes to be unpacked and lots of things to do around our new house, but we are really enjoying it. ( Probably because there is no time does feel very liberating not to have to be on a schedule )

So my still life photos have come to a screeching halt for now. All my props are still in boxes until I get around to painting my new "studio" space in the basement.  Currently it is painted a delightful mix of bright blue and bright yellow, with blue carpet.  I'm going to paint everything white eventually.

I do have some wildlife photos to share though ( some of you may have seen them on Instagram or Flickr ) There is a wonderful park near us and I took my camera and 70-200mm lens one day to see what we could find !

The photos of the eagle were taken with a fellow photographer's 600mm ( +1.4extender = 840mm !! ) which he very kindly let me attach to my camera !

Thanks for visiting ! 

Have a great week, 
Caz xo


  1. Welcome back Caz! Although I knew you were very busy I missed you and your photos. It looks like you will also enjoy shooting a lot of beauty in nature. The sparkling water around the ducks is so pretty. And that deer! What a stunning shot so crystal clear. Enjoy your redecorating (I always find it to be a nice change). Oh yah we love those black Michigan squirrels. 😉

  2. These just speak to my Nature Loving Heart. So happy you are in a new place to explore, nothing better than to take your time with everything now and as Manana. Such a treat to be able to use that Long Lens for the birds and goodness me that deer. While they don't play nicely with people's landscape they sure are beauties. Have fun getting the studio ready for your stills. Enjoy this time.

    1. Thank you dear Barbara, I'm glad you enjoyed the nature photos :)