Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Be Still...The End

I'm just catching up with my photos for the last few weeks of Be Still 52. I'm sad it's ended  as I liked having a prompt each week:) It was a fun year though ! 

Week 51 Still Moving

Focusing on movement within the still life frame .

The Studio Online Week of June 1 - Human Touch

There were some absolutely stunning photos from other group members for this prompt ! Mine are just simple photos, but it was interesting to add the "human touch" .....I may try some more experimenting with this...

Some of my favorite June photos
( Shared with Mona's Picturesque  )

Thanks for visiting
Caz xo


  1. As so many say all good things must end and I look at it as new beginnings with something else. Or at least I try to do that. Your June collage is wonderful with the gorgeous peonies. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Thanks Barbara...yes that's very true :)

  3. Caz, I've missed your posts! I'm so happy for you . . . completing the Be Still 52 class is a major accomplishment and you have a year's worth of beautiful pictures to share. The peony images are always my favorites - and the variety of your collage is like walking into a cottage garden!

  4. Trying to catch up on emails, and blogs...The Be Still year was full of wonderful inspiration for all the participants, and Kim's exciting lessons. I for one enjoyed each week's new lesson, and all the beautiful works shared, and friends met online. Your photos always uplift and inspire me...they have a sweet, tender mood to them, quiet and gentle, which fills me with joy. I'll miss that part, but I'm hoping you will continue to share your work online and we'll stay in touch. I hope you are enjoying your new surroundings, and community, as well as your new house with the pretty flowers. xx

    1. Hello Beverly, thank you so much for your kind comments, they mean a lot to me :) I am really loving my new surroundings, loving the cooler weather ( still not sure about ) I will still post here for sure, my blog and Flickr are my favorite ways of sharing. I'm having a hard time keeping up with Instagram as well, which is a shame as there are many inspiring people there, but time is in short supply these days with the house to get into shape :) I'm having a wonderful time though, turning it into our home .xx